The Evolved Masculine: Redefining Sex, Power & Success

If you’re longing to hit the “reset button” on what it means to be a man in this world, you’re not alone. There is a growing movement of men who are evolving, redefining personal power, sexuality, success and boldly defining their manhood. As an internationally recognized speaker and coach, Destin inspires and motivates you to be a version of yourself you perhaps never realized was possible, while providing the tools to help you get there. He interviews leaders who have meaningful contributions to this conversation and offers his unique brand of personal evolutionary coaching on air. He brings 20+ years of direct study, training and active life experimentation to help you have better sex, deeper connection to your masculine power and understand women and most importantly yourself like never before.
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The Evolved Masculine: Redefining Sex, Power & Success


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Mar 23, 2017

We are taking a short break here at The Evolved Masculine podcast. Please explore the other 28 episodes in the meantime. And while you are at it, download The Evolved Masculine Blueprint 10-minute guided audio as my free gift to help you step into your own Evolved Masculine Archetype.


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Destin Gerek

Feb 21, 2017

Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson are somatic s*xual healers. In this episode, Destin explores with them what that means, and how our past experiences are stored within our bodies as well as our minds. They offer insight into how to release past trauma from the body to allow for emotional and s*xual freedom.

Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson have committed their lives to creating a new paradigm of relationships and s*xuality. This couple is passionate about throwing outdated concepts overboard and create new working systems. They are striving to be a living example of what a deep loving and conscious relationship can look like. Heike and Jonathan’s passion is to guide and educate men and women in releasing anything that is in the way of experiencing the closeness and depth we all desire in relationships. What they have named, “S*xtraordinary Living”, is the modern and healthy blueprint to live a truly turned on life, in and outside the bedroom, without the past experience of pain or drama.

As sex educators and somatic sexual healers, Dr. Heike and Jonathon are the creators of S*x and Love Unplugged Meetup, and The Pleasure on Purpose™ Healing System used in their signature programs for men and women.

Together, they have created a master blend of spirituality and sexuality that they teach and embody in their own lives. With over 25 years of combined expertise in Human S*xuality, Somatic Bodywork, Naturopathy, Spiritual Counseling, Energy Healing, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, clients from around the world experience extraordinary shifts in their relationships, s*x and love lives, businesses, and health.

Heike and Jonathan promise that you CAN be fully s*xually expressed, have deep connection and authentic communication, and finally find true lasting love without ever attracting the wrong partner again, or feeling s*xually frustrated and pleasure deprived.

Together they create S*xtraordinary Lives and Relationships!

Feb 16, 2017

Author, Seductress, and former Pro-Domme Arden Leigh shares with Destin her journey into her sexuality and how she has shifted from playing into the male fantasy through her work with seduction to embracing the parts of herself she believed men did not want to see. With rapier wit and full-frontal honesty, Arden sheds the trappings of her past identity to reveal more of who she is becoming, and shares with men her perspective on how to best show up for the women in their lives.

ARDEN LEIGH is the founder of the Sirens Seduction Forum and the author of The New Rules Of Attraction. She is a coach at the Interpersonal Attraction Institute, writes a regular advice column for Auxiliary Magazine, and maintains her blog at She is currently at work on a memoir of her experiences in the BDSM community. Her band, Arden and the Wolves, has released two EPs.

Feb 9, 2017

In this episode, Jayson Gaddis provides valuable information for men who experience conflict in relationship. He provides a way of looking at relationships that will help men step off of the rollercoaster and manage their own triggers so they can show up in a way that leads to more harmonious relating.

Jayson Gaddis, relationship student & teacher and host of the Smart Couple Podcast, is on a mission to teach people the one class they didn’t get in school–”How to do intimate relationships.” That’s why he founded The Relationship School. He was emotionally constipated for years before relationship failure forced him to turn his life over to learning about relationships. Now, he’s married to his amazing wife of 9 years and has two beautiful kids. When he doesn’t live and breathe this stuff with his family, he pretty much gets his ass handed to him.

Feb 2, 2017

Our world is in crisis. In this episode, Destin clearly responds to the toxic masculinity we see in the highest levels of our world leadership. This episode is your wake-up call. We have the opportunity and the responsibility now, more than ever, to own our power and ability to bring about a global shift in consciousness towards compassion, strength, and maturity as men. Will you join us in doing so?

Destin calls you to step into your power. Step into leadership by becoming an example for other men. Join us on the Evolved Masculine Path.

Jan 26, 2017

In this Episode, Destin introduces the launch of the Australia chapter of The Evolved Masculine Path. He takes an audience at the Taste of Love Festival through his description of the Evolved Masculine, and fields questions related to masculine empowerment and what it means to be on the path of awakening consciousness. Finally, he introduces Dave McDermott who is spearheading the movement's spread to Australia, and leaves with a call to action. What will it take for YOU to embody the man you know you're capable of becoming?

Jan 19, 2017

In this episode, Dane Tomas and Destin go deep into narratives surrounding men's work and what they're doing in the burgeoning world of consciousness and personal growth. They explore what it means to be an evolved man, and how to balance the desire for self-improvement and the necessity to just let go. They dance around the question of how to become masterful in your life without simultaneously feeling shame about what you have not yet achieved.

Dane Tomas is a writer, performer and innovator inspired by topics such as consciousness, sexuality, entrepreneurship and personal evolution. He is the author of two books “Clear Your Shit” and “The Conscious Hustle." He currently dedicates his time to poetry and performance, building transformational businesses, learning Brazilian Jiujitsu and is conducting a 148 day masculine archetype experiment as research for his new book: “The Integrated Man.” Men can join the Integrated Men’s Circle on Facebook.

Jan 12, 2017

Philippe and Destin discuss the path to becoming a leader. They dive deeply into discussions of Patriarchy and how it affects men as well as women. They discuss the "Unfuckwithable State" and the journey that they, as well as many men who are rewiring their programming surrounding masculinity, have gone through. Philippe speaks about connecting to the inner child and the inner animal, and how it can help with the practice of embodiment.

Philippe Lewis is a Love Coach, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Trained Somatica Practitioner, and Epic Event Producer. For the last 18 years, he has been exploring love, relationships, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality with individuals and communities through teaching, writing, coaching and events with the goal of growing men and women into better lovers and better humans. He is a father, a lover, a partner, a husband, a teacher, a producer, a writer, a social artist, a coach, a counselor, and much more. He has a deep appreciation for people and life, and his deepest wish is to leave everyone a little bit better and a little bit more delighted wherever he goes <3

Jan 5, 2017

Writer and activist Tiq Milan discusses his journey to self-determining his authentic masculine expression as a trans-man. Destin questions him about the crisis of masculinity and how he views himself in relationship to that struggle. Finally, they discuss some of the "uncomfortable" questions surrounding trans* identity, including surgery, and acceptance of the body versus modifying it.

Tiq speaks and writes about intersectional leadership, transgender rights and racial justice. He shares stories of his life and how his transgender experience has informed his views on masculinity, race and the gender binary. A journalist for over a decade his work has appeared on MIC, Buzzfeed, NBC and CNN. He is also a strategic media consultant helping organizations and companies create detailed media campaigns that will engage diverse audiences in ways that are inclusive and authentic.

Tiq has been most inspired by his years mentoring LGBT youth at the Bronx Community Pride Center and the Hetrick Martin Institute in the New York city. He was able to witness first hand the intersectional lived experiences of gay and trans youth and how it is affected by social systems put in place to help them. He most recently was the Senior Media Strategist and National Spokesperson for GLAAD where he utlilized the media to call attention to the needs of the lgbt community, particularly transgender people of color. 

He is currently the Co-Founder of Milan Media Arts Productions along with his wife Kim Katrin Milan. MAPS is content creation and consulting firm that is dedicated to creating narratives of queer people and their allies.

Dec 29, 2016

Author and speaker Preston Smiles speaks with Destin about how he transformed his life from an LA street kid to a channel of divine love. He shares the five principles he's discovered in his journey and introduces his new book, Now or Never. Finally, he and Destin discuss the challenges facing men, including isolation and the response of the reptilian brain.

Preston Smiles has generated millions of views with his message of LOVE, and personal freedom, making a deep impact through writing, speaking, and making heart based videos. With his loyal social media tribe, using his unique gift to make complex ideas simple and relatable, Preston Smiles is breaking all the rules, and carving out his own path as a Next Generation Thought Leader. With the success of his new book LOVE LOUDER published by the world renown Simon & Schuster, Preston is gearing up to release what he calls his best work to date in “NOW or Never your epic life in 5 steps on december 27th.

He's has been featured in Forbes, South Africa Comos, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, and Origin Magazine. He is also a contributor to Huffington Post, The Daily Love, Good Guy Swag, and has appeared on top podcasts such as Lewis Howes’s The School of Greatness and Addicted2Success. He recently won Elixir Magazine’s Millennial Mentor Award, graced the cover of Millennial Magazine with his wife Alexi and is one of the youngest members of ATL (Association of Transformational Leaders), founded by Jack Canfield.

Dec 23, 2016

Author Daniel Pinchbeck and Destin discuss the courage required from us individually and collectively to face the shadow presented to us by a President Trump as well as by the ecological crisis we face. According to Daniel, we can see this period as an initiation or a rite of passage for humanity as a species. What is the next "operating system" for human society? How might it work and how can we contribute to it?

Daniel Pinchbeck is the bestselling author of Breaking Open the Head and 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl. His new book, How Soon Is Now?, comes out in February from Watkins He was a founder of Reality Sandwich and He was featured in the 2010 documentary, 2012: Time for Change. He is currently launching a new media platform, WOKE

Dec 13, 2016
John "Halcyon" Styn joins Destin in discussing their personal journeys into sexuality and radical authenticity/expression, and with forging careers out of being authentically themselves. John discusses gender dynamics and the impact being raised in a feminist household has had on him as a man, as well as how he's added to that understanding over the years. They discuss the evolution of consent, a major focal point in both of their work. The interview serves as a comment on legacy, and how to integrate the aging process into a life radically lived.
Halcyon ( is the author of “Love more. Fear less.” and has hosted the weekly video broadcast Hug Nation for over 10 years. In 2010, Halcyon co-founded the San Diego-based “1st Saturdays” homeless outreach program. If you see him around, he'd love a hug.
Dec 8, 2016

Clinical Psychotherapist Eva Clay discusses what in our neurology causes us to seek and enjoy intimacy, and how technology interfaces with the brain in the context of intimacy. She brings up Facebook, Tinder, smartphones, and porn sites, illustrating how they can create a barrier to authentic connection. She and Destin discuss the relationship between attention and love, offering potential solutions and ways to deal with the encroachment of technology into the bedroom.

An acclaimed psychotherapist, teacher, and sexuality expert, for 20 years Eva’s mission has been to illuminate the ménage-a-trois of soul, sex, and science.  Eva believes that self-love is the foundation for healthy relationships, and has helped thousands of people to attract hot and holy love.  Eva has trained extensively in mind-body philosophies and as a teacher of neuropsychology, she bodaciously reminds us that the biggest sex organ is the brain.  Eva’s been privileged to study with some of the great teachers of our time, including David Deida, Esther Perel, and Harville Hendrix.  Her courses are an elegant marriage of the profound and the playful, and when she’s not traveling the world teaching, you’ll find her making mayhem on a dance floor.


Eva offers elite coaching for men, women and couples on on self-love, pleasure, and erotic intelligence.


Nov 4, 2016

Intimacy and sexuality expert Michaela Boehm discusses her entry onto the path of sex and spirit, the true meaning of freedom, and how men can best cultivate their sensual power through tuning in to subtle sensations within their bodies, and unifying masculine and feminine energies. Destin questions her about issues specifically related to men's groups such as accountability and the challenges that come with the practice of embodiment.

Oct 27, 2016

How do you feel about your circumcision (or lack thereof)? In this highly controversial episode, Destin speaks with Brendon Marotta, the director and creator of the upcoming documentary: American Circumcision. We explore what is really going on with this age-old custom, and Destin gets on his soap-box passionately sharing about his own experience when he began looking into this issue. CAUTION: This episode gets pretty intense.

Oct 13, 2016
Most people have heard of Tantra, few people seem to really understand what it is. Lawrence Lanoff and I met at an international Tantra conference in Sedona, AZ almost ten years ago, and have continued to cultivate a friendship since.
Oct 6, 2016
Women are constantly communicating with you, and only a small portion of it is with words. What are you missing from these communications and how is it affecting your relationships -and your sex life-?
Sep 29, 2016
Rites of Passage have been a part of transitioning from boy to manhood throughout cultures and throughout time. Yet, they are largely non-existent in the modern western world.
Sep 22, 2016
If you are like most men, some part of this title may trigger you. What does it mean to show up with the fullness of who you are and what you have to offer? To hold 'nothing' back.
Sep 15, 2016
Recorded LIVE at Burning Man 2016 with special guest David Block aka The Human Experience. Being a successful music producer can come with a seemingly endless stream of women wanting to connect with you.
Sep 8, 2016
Have you ever wanted to leave it all behind and take off on an Adventure? This is the story of how a man became a fulcrum for transformation and how the driving need of men for adventure changed a life forever.
Sep 1, 2016
Michael Hrostoski, founder of The School for Men, joins Destin Gerek to discuss what it 'really' means to take full responsibility for your life, the power of falling in love with yourself and finally feeling 'good enough', their own perilous journey full of pitfalls that got them to where they are today, and of course many more tasty morsels for you to nibble on.
Aug 25, 2016
Destin Gerek is joined by Chaim Dunbar, star of the viral video: 'Where are the Men?' to explore what another archetype of modern masculinity can look like, and in doing so give men liberation to be a different, more authentic and complete version of themselves.
Aug 18, 2016
Are you kinky? Do you have any hidden sexual desires? How comfortable are you with tapping into your ‘sexual creature’ and letting him off the leash?
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